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About Us Praia da Rocha

 GRASPaWASP your scooter rental at the algarvian coast!

Rent a Vespa or a scooter in Portugal’s top destinations:


  Praia da Rocha, Alvor, Carvoeiro, Lagos

Let GRASPaWASP  kick-start your vacation into high gear! 












With a wide variety of rental scooters, we are your premier destination in Praia da Rocha to "grasp" your "wasp" and cruise the region of Algarve,   pure beauty to drive!

Focusing on a sustainable development, promoting fast and environment-friendly mobility is one of the principles at the basis of all GRASPaWASP choices (member of Qualità di Vita Group).

GRASPaWASP offers rental of scooters unparalleled quality both for tourist and professional use. Available 7 days a week, you can choose from small displacement scooters to versions for longer distance voyages.


Retro style and advanced technology  make this scooters true timeless classics


Our scooters care about the environment and respect it: the 4 stroke engine, euro 3, can cover up to 60 km with 1 liter, with minimum CO2 emissions 



A winning fashion is an everlasting fashion:

Star 4S Vintage is all this and much more. Dynamic, comfortable and agile, this scooter is perfect for those looking for color and a unique design plus excellent performances, thanks to the innovative 4S engine and the manual gearbox The beauty of the manual gearbox is the possibility of adjusting the rpm according to the road.



  Born to ride a long way, it’s also great when going round town. Its accessories, a smoked flyscreen and windshield and a rear chrome top-case, make it the ideal scooter to cross city boundaries.  Conceived for the city and its pace, comfortable and agile, it has everything you could ever need to move around on urban streets. A flyscreen and windshield, with an exciting design is very effective during bad weather conditions. 


Pure style and advanced technology  4 stroke engine along with the timeless beauty of the manual gearbox and everlasting design.

And of course we also have a young, sporting, punchy model, it stands out with automatic transmission its colours and particulars.


The Star range combines the unique charm with the most modern technological solutions. The scooter which looks ahead and takes you far. 


 Many many satisfied clients are the living testimony of our success

We look forward to seeing you soon.


GRASP  your now!


Rua Jerónimo Buísel
Edifício Rocha Mar, loja 1
8500-812 Praia da Rocha (Portimão)


Phone:  (+351) 282 484 634

Mobile:  (+351) 912 979 234

email:    graspawasp@gmail.com                    

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Canal nº 540449 – Qualità di Vita no MEO Kanal