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GRASPaWASP GPS and new scooter and convertible tours



                               ... new: Convertible Tours and Scooter Tours


GRASPaWASP TOURS offers you an unforgettable adventure driving a convertible car or a scooter.

It has a range of services at your disposal where you will certainly find what you are looking for!

Cruise natural landscapes that only the Algarve can offer in which you will discover places, that is much more than sun and sand!


Self guided or guided

Convertible Tours and Scooter Tours


...and much more


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A new offer valid on all our models. Ask for the dedicated GPS navigator for maximum practicality and speed. All places within the reach of a click!



GRASPaWASP is happy to offer a service which is unique in its kind: all our vehicles can be equipped with a GPS. Every place can be easily reached in this way. The GPS (the Bluetooth earphone upon request) will lead you through the streets and the monuments of the magnificent area your are visiting.

The GPS Kit includes: GPS  earphone Bluetooth (upon request), 12V adapter, battery charger 220V, software maps in principal european languages.

Price € 5/day.

The request of the GPS can be carried out through our internet site during the vehicle reservation procedure.